Customer review of Global Gold Trader, Cash In Gold pays almost twice as much.

May 28th, 2012

The following is an email I received today and my response.

From: David Willmott
Subject: Gold
Message Body:
Just sold 27.5 grams of 10 karat scrap gold (chains, Rings,, earings) on Friday to Global Gold Trader here in St. Johns NL    for $ 225.00 and not knowing what scrap gold sells for,I feel ripped off.
I guess I should have educated myself before making this mistake,but when they say,they will make you a fair price,then that is what you expect….
I see you have the Karat and price/gram which is very helpful.
Am I correct in saying my gold was worth $445.00 ?

Thanks, Dave

Hi Dave,
As of Fridays price I would have paid you $446.05 for 27.5 g of 10 K. I am sorry you did not catch on sooner.
I blog about the gold buying business to help get the word out so that people such as yourself are not taken advantage of. Are you okay if I post your email on my blog? It may help someone else.
Regards, Don.

Sure,you can post it on your blog,anything to help the next seller and to be aware of this company.
Fair price,I think not !!!!   Dave

I have blogged about this company in the past and it seems they are still at it. It is a shame that Dave settled for less than what he could have received from me but these things happen. My suggestion is don’t deal with anyone unless they post what they pay.

An informed client is our best customer. Know the value of your gold and get the best price for it.

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